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Welcome to our eLibrary

In our eLibrary you will find the latest work - published and unpublished - of our community members. Community members are academic members, business practitioners and professionals of research institutes.
Access to our eLibrary is by invitation only and subject to approval of the board of AiMark.
You will have access to our eLib if you are a community member, staff of our research data partners or a regular client of GfK, Kantar Worldpanel, Europanel or SymphonyIRI.​​

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Type Document Type Author Journal Publication Date
Summit 2017 Dongen
AiMark 17th summit
Summit 2017 Dongen
Segmenting Consumers According To Their Purchase Of Products With Organic Fair Trade And Health Labels
Complete Paper Peter C. Verhoef Jenny Van Doorn 4/1/2016
Impact Of The Multichannel Retail Mix On Online Store Choice: Does Online Experience Matter
Complete Paper Kristina Melis Katia Campo Els Breugelmans Lien Lamey 4/1/2015
A Bigger Slice Of The Multichannel Grocery Pie: When Does Consumers Online Channel Use Expand Retailers’ Share Of Wallet?
Complete Paper Kristina Melis Katia Campo Lien Lamey Els Breugelmans 7/1/2016
Riding the Waves: Revealing the Impact of Intra-year Category Demand Cycles on Advertising and Pricing Effectiveness
Complete Paper Maarten J. Gijsenberg 6/21/2016
Global Private Label Convergence: Fact or Fiction?
Work-in-Progress Katrijn Gielens Marnik G. Dekimpe Anirban Mukherjee Kapil Tuli
Churn, Acquisition and Loyalty: Myths and Truths about Brand Love (Oliver Koll)
Summit 2016 Dongen;#1;#Movie Oliver Koll
Summit 2016 Dongen;#4;#Presentation Oliver Koll
What's new for AiMark members (Alfred Dijs)
Summit 2016 Dongen;#4;#Presentation Alfred Dijs
Consumer-Based and Sales-Based Brand Equity: How Well Do They Align? (Prof. Dr. Harald J. van Heerde)
Summit 2016 Dongen;#4;#Presentation Harald van Heerde
Summit 2016 Dongen;#1;#Movie Harald van Heerde
Building Strong(er) Brands: What do we (not) know? (Prof. Dr. Marnik G. Dekimpe)
Summit 2016 Dongen;#1;#Movie Marnik G. Dekimpe
Summit 2016 Dongen;#4;#Presentation Marnik G. Dekimpe
AiMark 16th summit - June 21 2016
Summit 2016 Dongen
Regular or low-fat? An investigation of the long-run impact of the first low-fat purchase on subsequent purchase volumes and calories.
Complete Paper Kathleen Cleeren Kelly Geyskens Peter C. Verhoef Joost M.E. Pennings 4/21/2016
Complete Paper Kristopher O. Keller Marnik G. Dekimpe Inge Geyskens
The Impact of the Business Cycle on Service Providers
Complete Paper Marnik G. Dekimpe Yuri Peers Harald van Heerde 8/25/2015
Complete Paper Martijn G. de Jong Jean-Paul Fox Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp 3/1/2015
Stability and Change in Consumer Traits: Evidence from a 12-Year Longitudinal Study, 2002-2013
Complete Paper Alberto Maydeu-Olivares Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp 6/1/2015
Drivers of consumer acceptance of new packaged goods: An investigation across products and countries
Complete Paper;#2;#Managerial abstract Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp Katrijn Gielens 6/1/2007
Drivers of and Barriers to Organic Purchase Behavior
Complete Paper Jenny Van Doorn Peter C. Verhoef 2/6/2015
Generating global brand equity through corporate social responsibility to key stakeholders
Complete Paper Anna Tores Tammo H.A. Bijmolt Joseph A. Tribó Peter C. Verhoef 1/10/2012
AiMark Webex: Brussels Summit Highlights
Webex Oliver Koll Richard Herbert 3/16/2011
Destination discount: a sensible road for national brands?
Complete Paper Barbara Deleersnyder Oliver Koll 5/18/2010
The Impact of Category Prices on Store Price Image Formation: An Empirical Analysis
Complete Paper Carlos Lourenco Els Gijsbrechts Richard Paap 10/10/2014
Patterns in Consumption-Based Learning about Brand Quality for Consumer Packaged Goods
Complete Paper Maciej Szymanowski Els Gijsbrechts 1/1/2013
The impact of national brand introductions on hard-discounter image and share-of-wallet
Complete Paper Carlos Lourenco Els Gijsbrechts 7/1/2013
The importance of non-linear relationships between attitude and behaviour in policy research
Complete Paper;#2;#Managerial abstract Jenny Van Doorn Peter C. Verhoef Tammo H.A. Bijmolt 4/1/2007
Using Item Response Theory To Measure Extreme Response Style in Marketing Research: A Global Investigation
Complete Paper;#2;#Managerial abstract Hans Baumgartner Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp Jean-Paul Fox Martijn G. de Jong 2/1/2008

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